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BlitzBox2 Hardware


The BlitzBox hardware enables communications between the BlitzApp and the scoreboard.

Each scoreboard will require a BlitzBox for the BlitzApp to work.

  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX - Includes one BlitzBox that unlocks the full potential of your Nevco scoreboard. Includes everything required to get the BlitzApp working with your scoreboard.
  • SECURE AND STABLE CONNECTION - With BlitzSports' advanced technology, BlitzBox ensures a reliable bluetooth connection to your phone and wired connection to the scoreboard.
  • OPTIONAL LEGACY CONTROLLER - There are some people who like doing things the hard way. Plug the legacy scoreboard controller into the BlitzBox and you can select which controller to use with the switch
  • FUTURE-PROOF AND ALWAYS UP TO DATE - The subscription service includes software updates so your system is always ready for the future.

Elevate your scoreboard game with the BlitzBox. Get ready to connect, control, and conquer like a pro. Say goodbye to the headaches of scoreboard management and hello to an intuitive, user-friendly solution that puts you in charge.

Don't miss out on this game-changing innovation. Subscribe to a BlitzBox today and take your scoreboard control to the next level. It's time to simplify, streamline, and succeed with the BlitzBox!

Are you tired of the hassle of managing scoreboards at your sports events? Unlock the potential of the existing scoreboard using just your iPad or iPhone. The setup is simple: plug the BlitzBox into power supply, and then to the scoreboard. Once the BlitzBox is connected, bluetooth pair with the BlitzBox using the BlitzApp.

Key Features:

1. Hassle-Free Connectivity: The BlitzBox simplifies the way you interact with Nevco scoreboards. Plug into the BlitzBox using the same connection that plugs into the existing controller. If you feel like keeping the OEM controller around, plug the OEM controller into the BlitzBox and you can pick whether to use the BlitzApp or doing it the hard way.

2. Seamless Bluetooth Connection: With the BlitzBox, connecting to your scoreboard has never been easier. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, you can effortlessly establish a wireless link between your mobile device and the scoreboard. If someone else is still connected, just power-cycle the box to kick them off.

3. Unleash the Power of the Scoreboard: The BlitzBox is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of the BlitzApp. Manage the clock, the scores, the penalties, and more with the touch of a button on your iPhone or iPad. No more using 1970's tech.

4. Simplify Your Game Day: Focus on the action on the field, knowing that scoreboard management is a breeze. No more worrying about screwing up your time-keeping duties on game day.

5. Versatile Compatibility: The BlitzBox is compatible with a wide range of Nevco scoreboards, making it a versatile solution for various sporting events and venues.

Upon placing the order for the subscription, we will contact you to ensure that your scoreboards are compatible. Then we will ship the BlitzBox directly to the address associated with this order. For Calgary-based venues, we will deliver by hand and help you set up.

Upon receipt of the BlitzBox, your subscription will begin. The set up is pretty self-explanatory, but contact us and we will hop on a web-meeting to help guide you through setup the BlitzBox.